Brian Schwenke rejoins Titans, Tim Lelito released

Brian Schwenke rejoins Titans, Tim Lelito released

When he arrived back at the Tennessee Titans facility this morning around 6 a.m., Brian Schwenke knew he was back home.

As he entered the door, Titans coach Mike Mularkey was coincidentally arriving at the same time and asked the veteran offensive line, “Where have you been?”

Schwenke, who had signed in the off-season with the rival Indianapolis Colts, was released by the team on Sunday, and about an hour later, he and his agent were working on a deal to bring him back to Tennessee as the team’s top interior backup on the offensive line.

“It was like an hour after the whole Colts ordeal. We called them up and got it going,” Schwenke said..”It’s been awesome. It feels like I never left.”

Schwenke, a fourth-round pick by the Titan in 2013, was their starting center for more than two years before the team signed Ben Jones to fill that role last year.

To make room for Schwenke’s return, the Titans, jettisoned the man they had signed in the off-season to replace him, Tim Lelito.

“We felt like for what we’re doing right here right now with our roster, it was a better fit for us. Glad to have him back,” Mularkey said.

The re-signing of Schwenke means that the seven offensive linemen who were regularly active for the Titans on game day last year will once again be the same this season.

Schwenke’s time in Indianapolis got cut short in part because of a foot injury, where surgery was required to remove a bone. But now he says he is healthy and ready to be a Titan again.

“I broke a bone in my foot and they removed it. It’s healed up now. I’m ready to go. It actually feels better than it did before,” he said.

Schwenke’s old jersey number, 62, and his corner locker were waiting for him when he arrived Tuesday. Rookie Corey Levin’s number was switched to 61 to accommodate the veteran.

Schwenke stopped short of saying that going to the Colts this off-season was a mistake, but he is happy things worked out for him to return to Tennessee.

“I’m lucky. It was a tough decision, not staying originally,” he said. “I don’t want to say I regret it, because I don’t like to regret things, but I love this city and I love this team. This is home for me. I’m really happy to be back, and I’m lucky I got the opportunity to come back.”

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