Harry Douglas defends cut block that led to fight

Harry Douglas defends cut block that led to fight

By Greg Arias

Emotions over a low block by Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas on Broncos cornerback Chris Harris, Jr. sparked a brawl and later threats in the postgame locker room.

Aqib Talib, Harris’ teammate, took exception to Douglas’ low block on his Harris that sent the Broncos cornerback to the sideline temporarily.

It was on the ensuing play, however, when Talib took things to the next level.

Lined up one-on-one against Douglas near the Titans sideline, Talib tackled Douglas some 20 plus yards downfield, and the two began scuffling before ending up on the sidelines where several other Titans plays along with Broncos players turned the situation into a brawl.
Coaches along with players, including Titans injured defensive lineman Jurrell Casey played peacemakers, as linebacker Avery Williamson took Talib out of the fight by slamming him to the sideline turf.

Officials assessed a personal foul penalty on Talib, but did not eject him.

Talib had harsh words for Douglas in a brief interview before being shut down in the Broncos locker room by the team’s media relations department.

“It’ a dirty play by a sorry player. He don’t do nothing. He comes to the game and don’t catch no passes. He come and chop guys in the back. He got the same agent (Todd France) as me, so I see his a– in Atlanta, I’m gonna beat his a–,” Talib said. “It don’t matter how it went. He tried to do something dirty, so I’m gonna beat his a–.”

Douglas was slow to even speak of the incident following the game.

“What incident,” said Douglas? “Did something happen other than playing football?”

Douglas did go further, though he would have to be asked again before doing so.

“I was just playing football. If you watch film, and we do in the NFL, but they must not have because they would have known I cut block in the run game. That’s what I do,” Douglas said.

“I went to block him (Chris Harris Jr.) and we were looking at each other and I cut him,” continued Douglas. “There was nothing dirty about it. Watch the film, that’s my job.”

Pressed further about the actual scuffle, Douglas again downplayed the incident.

“It’s just football. Two teams playing hard in a playoff type game,” Douglas said.

Asked if he was expecting Talib to retaliate on the play, Douglas was matter of fact.

“I don’t know about reputations. I was just playing football, and he did what he had to do and that’s all there was to it,” Douglas said.
Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak was asked about the incident following the game.

“I don’t know. Someone asked me that. I know Chris (Harris) got cut. Legally, I don’t know,” said Kubiak.

Mike Mularkey also said he did not see Douglas’ block.

After the game, Harris took to Twitter to attack Douglas and say he needed to be fined.

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