Jason McCourty good with CB rotation, enjoying Titans’ success

Jason McCourty good with CB rotation, enjoying Titans’ success

Jason McCourty is the oldest-tenured Titan, having been a sixth-round draft pick in 2009, and the only member of that draft class still on the Tennessee roster.

Since 2011, he has been a full-time starter at cornerback and often in that time has been viewed as the Titans’ No. 1 option at the position.

Now, even though McCourty remains the starter at right cornerback, the Titans, beginning with their Nov. 27 win at Chicago, have gone to a rotation at both corner position, with rookie LeShaun Sims and veterans Valentino Blake and Brice McCain working in and playing as much or more than McCourty.

McCourty, ever the professional, is taking a team-first approach to the season.

“It is what it is. I doesn’t matter whether I’m good, bad or indifferent (with it), when your number is called, you have to get out there and go play football,” McCourty said. “The one thing I think when you’re just a part of a team, the awesome part about it is seeing success – whether I’m on the field, or off the field and watching LeShaun Sims break up a pass in the end zone, it’s exciting for me.

“You watch a rookie get in there and make plays, or watching Zilla (Blake) get in there and punch a ball out against Emmanuel Sanders, that’s exciting. When you’re part of a team and you really care about those guys in your locker room, no matter what your personal situation is, you’re always going to be excited for those guys around you, because you know how much work each one of us has put in throughout the year together.”

For McCourty, who has endured a lot of losing on a lot of bad Titans teams through the years, the opportunity to potentially reach the postseason for the first time trumps everything else for the veteran cornerback.

“It’s fun. Sunday after that game just to feel that excitement and go in the locker room after the game and celebrate with the guys, knowing the opportunity you have. This is what you put in seven seasons of work in to get to this point and have this opportunity,” McCourty said.

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