Mariota returning to Nashville to rest, recuperate, rehab

Mariota returning to Nashville to rest, recuperate, rehab

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota was expected to arrive back in Nashville on Thursday evening.

For now, Mariota has rest and recuperation on his plate, but once he is ready to begin rehab from his broken fibula that was surgically repaired by Dr. Robert Anderson on Wednesday in Charlotte, N.C., he will do so at the Titans facility.

Calling Mariota, “as tough of a quarterback as I’ve ever been around,” Titans coach Mike Mularkey said he had texted Mariota a number of times and had tried to call. He said that Mariota was “upbeat” and wishing he could be at practice.

He’s doing good. No, I’ve called. I didn’t call him last night. I think he was under the weather. I tried to call him this morning. We’ve texted back and forth a number of times.

(He was) talking about have a good practice today, thinking about you guys, wish I was there. Again, everybody’s thinking about him and wishing him luck. He’ll head back here tonight,” Mularkey said Thursday.

Mularkey said he did not know if Mariota would be up to attending Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans.

Mariota’s recovery time is expected to take four to five months, but Mularkey added that every person’s recovery time is different.

Once Mariota gets to the point where he can begin rehab on the injury, the Titans will have to walk a fine line. Mariota will be at St. Thomas Sports Park for that, but he won’t be allowed to talk football, watch film with coaches or any such thing during the dead period that is in place between the end of the season and the beginning of the off-season program in April.

“I would think the latter part of it. The best part is he can be here getting the rehab and see him. Other than that, you really can’t spend any time with him during the off-season, the dead period,” Mularkey said. “You’ve just got to be careful. He’s here to get rehab and that’s it. You really can’t talk football.

“You can’t sit down and watch a game, you can’t watch film. You can’t talk about what he needs to do better and all that.”

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