Mariota shows few effects from leg surgery

Mariota shows few effects from leg surgery

Marcus Mariota admits that his warm-up routine to get ready for practice takes a little longer now than before he had surgery to repair his broken right fibula last December.

But if that is the price to pay to be back and playing effectively as the Tennessee Titans’ starting quarterback, then so be it, he says. Mariota adds that once the day is done, the leg is a little stiff and that that takes some getting used to as well.

“Yeah, it takes a little longer to warmup. It gets stiff once practice kind of stops and we’re done for the day. But that’s just how it is, that’s what’s going to happen,” Mariota said. “If I have to spend an extra 5 or 10 minutes to get my body prepared, I’ll do that.”

Mariota, who was limited throughout the Titans’ off-season program as he rehabbed the injury, has shown virtually no effects from the surgery, in which he had a plate and screws inserted into the leg to help with the healing process.

Of course, he has yet to take his first hit – that won’t come until next weekend when the Titans open the preseason against the New York Jets. The pass rush got to Mariota a couple of times in Thursday’s practice, and once, there was Brian Orakpo breaking free and the veteran pass rusher and others yelling for everyone watch out for Mariota as he backpedaled on what would have been a sure sack had there been live contact on the quarterback.

But overall, Mariota says that the extra warm-up time is about all that has been different for him thus far, as he says the leg is improving each day.

“It’s feeling better with every day. We haven’t had a setback or anything like that. A lot of credit goes to the training staff here for helping me get warmed up and helping me—once the practice is done—get prepared for the next day,” he said.

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