Mularkey not worried about Derrick Henry no-show for off-season work

Mularkey not worried about Derrick Henry no-show for off-season work

Running back Derrick Henry was one of two Tennessee Titans players not to be on hand for the team’s first day of the off-season workout program.

The workouts are voluntary, and Coach Mike Mularkey did not seem to think that the absence of Henry and cornerback Bennett Okotcha was a big deal.

Asked if he was disappointed that Henry, the 2015 Heisman Trophy winner, was not at St. Thomas Sports Park, Mularkey said, “It’s their choice. Maybe I used to get disappointed, but I have no control over it. It’s their option and their choice, whatever they feel is best for them. I do know this, we’ve had coaches down in Tuscaloosa for the workout. I’ve seen some video of Derrick working in the weight room, so he is absolutely working out. So I know he’s in great playing shape right now. I have no concerns about him, and won’t.”

Henry rushed for 490 yards as a rookie last season, backing up DeMarco Murray.

“I haven’t spoken with him,” Murray said. “That’ll be something I guess those guys have to deal with. But this is obviously a pivotal part for a young guy to get better with one of the best strength coaches in the nation. I’m sure he’ll show up at some point, but that’s not something that I’m too worried about.”

Mularkey said he would probably reach out to Henry to see why he was not present on Monday. But he reiterated that the program is voluntary.

“We’re not taking attendance when they walk in the building,” Mularkey said.

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