Titans opening day part of Warrior Weekend activities

Titans opening day part of Warrior Weekend activities

It’s not just a weekend, it’s an adventure.

For those of you wanting to add a little – OK, a lot – more excitement to your weekend, why not make it a Warrior Weekend?

What is Warrior Weekend? Glad you asked. Warrior Weekend allows you to spend time with real Navy SEALs and take part in the actual training exercises that these heroes go through in preparation for their missions. Check out the video of what to expect.

This isn’t some fantasy camp, where a former big leaguer now drawing Social Security throws you his faded fastball. This is the real deal, as you get to train like a SEAL, shoot like a SEAL, drive like a SEAL, and best of all hang out with SEALs to get a taste of what a real Life of Valor is like.

Life of Valor is looking for sponsors who support our military veterans and want to be a part of Warrior Weekend on Sept. 9-11.

On Friday, Sept. 9, participants will learn driving tactics from Navy SEALS on how to maneuver through a car chase. The following day, it’s off to the range to learn how SEALs not only target shoot, but learn to shoot on the move in order to not only attack an enemy, but also protect themselves in the process.

The weekend is completed as trainees will tailgate with the SEALs at the Tennessee Titans season opener against the Minnesota Vikings, and then have a special seat inside the stadium as the SEAL training partners parachute into Nissan Stadium just moments before kickoff.

If you’re interested in taking part in a Life of Valor through this Warrior Weekend, you can sign up and take part in sponsorships by visiting www.warriorweekend.us.

Don’t miss your chance to be a real weekend warrior at Warrior Weekend.

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