June 05, 2020

A.J. Brown confident, ready to build on rookie season

A.J. Brown confident, ready to build on rookie season

Tennessee Titans receiver A.J. Brown does not lack for confidence as he heads into year two of his NFL career.

And why not? Brown as a second-round pick from Ole Miss in 2019, emerged as the “Wide Receiver 1” the Titans have coveted since Derrick Mason walked out the door in 2005. Brown caught 52 passes in his first professional season for 1,051 yards and eight touchdown catches.

The second-year pro doesn’t lack for confidence and says his attention to detail gives him the needed edge to build upon his rookie campaign.

“I think the sky’s the limit for me, to be honest,” Brown said. “I’m a great learner and I’m going to keep learning each and every day. The biggest thing to my game is I’m a huge learner. … The details are going to show up, and that’s what’s going to pay off for me.”

Brown quickly got on the same page with Ryan Tannehill, when the veteran was inserted as the Titans starting quarterback in week seven, replacing Marcus Mariota. Brown said his chemistry with Tannehill was just a matter of learning what his quarterback wanted him to do and going out and executing it.

“Looking back, I just paid attention to details and I’m going to continue to do that every day and learning. I’m going to get on the same page with Ryan and think what he’s thinking, because he’s the man in charge, and I have to get open (for him),” Brown said.

Brown also plans to become more of a leader in year two as well.

“I think I’m a natural born leader. As a rookie, I didn’t really come in here and say too much. I just had to come in and show that I’m a hard worker myself,” he said. “I hold myself accountable and now that I have some of my teammates’ respect, I can start holding other people accountable too.”

Brown indicated that the coronavirus that has kept players away from gathering for off-season work won’t be a problem for him, he said, as long as players put in the necessary work.

“I don’t think this off-season due to the coronavirus is going to mess anything up. You have to put in the work. The work shows,” he said.

Brown said he has been in Nashville throwing with backup quarterback Logan Woodside two to three times per week during the pandemic. He also said he has been running outside and working with his trainer to maintain conditioning to be ready for when players can return and ready for the 2020 season.

His goal is simple: Build on his rookie season and continue to improve.

“The things I do well, I want to improve on those. The things that I struggle with, I want to work on those too and be a complete, well-rounded football player,” Brown said.

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