May 29, 2020

Andre Johnson’s contract structured to benefit both him, Titans

Andre Johnson’s contract structured to benefit both him, Titans

Andre Johnson’s two-year deal with the Tennessee Titans is worth a total of $3.735 million, but is backloaded in such a way that the club can walk away from it after the upcoming season if need be.

Johnson’s 2016 salary is scheduled to have a $985,000 base salary, which is the veteran minimum. The deal contains no signing bonus for the veteran wide receiver.

It is in 2017 that will be make or break on the deal for both the Titans and Johnson. Johnson’s base for 2017 jumps to $2 million, and he also is scheduled to receive a $500,000 roster bonus from the Titans, a payment that is due on the third day of the new league year.

In addition to that, Johnson also has another roster bonus of up $250,000. This bonus pays him $15,625 for every game he is active during the 2017 regular season.

There are other factors at stake for Johnson beyond just a bigger payday in 2017 if he plays out the two-year contract. One factor is Johnson’s rank among the all-time leaders in receiving.

Johnson, 35, leads all active NFL players in both career receptions and receiving yards. But if he could fulfill the two-year contract and post decent numbers, he could wind up third all-time in NFL history in both categories.

After 12 seasons with the Houston Texans and spending last year with the Indianapolis Colts, the Future Hall of Famer stands eighth all-time in career receptions with 1,053. He would need just 48 more to move all the way to third place in that category past Marvin Harrison’s 1,102. If he could do that, he would trail only Jerry Rice (1,549) and Tony Gonzalez (1,325).

Johnson currently is ninth all-time in receiving yards with 14,100. Realistically, he could jump all the way to third on that list in two years. Randy Moss currently is third all-time with 15,292 yards receiving, behind only Rice (22,895) and Terrell Owens (15,934).

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