Bucs GM Licht knew Robinson wouldn’t be in Tampa very long

Bucs GM Licht knew Robinson wouldn’t be in Tampa very long

INDIANAPOLIS _ Few people around the NFL know new Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson better than Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM Jason Licht.

After all, Robinson served as Licht’s right-hand man in Tampa after Licht was named the Bucs’ general manager last season.

On Wednesday at the Combine, Licht spoke of his former right-hand man Robinson and the advice he gave him when he accepted the GM’s position in Tennessee.

“(I told him) to make sure you realize you can’t do it all on your own and you have to be able to delegate and you have to be able to hire really great people. He has to hire a Jon Robinson, if that person’s not on his staff already,” Licht said. “When you’re young and you get a general manager’s job, the common mistake is that you can watch every player and make every decision on your own. But you can’t. You have to have the resources around you and have a great staff.”

In terms of Robinson being prepared and being ready for the challenge to be an NFL general manager and the responsibilities he had in Tampa Bay, Licht spoke glowingly of his former assistant.

“I’d put him up there very high. I’ve only been a general manager for two years, but he had a lot to do. He ended up running the personnel department for me. I gave him some of the things I wanted to do. He changed the grading scale, the computer system, and put in analytics. Jon is the type of guys that knows exactly what I’m looking for and he did it. The final decision always comes on the general manager, but he’s got a lot of influence,” Licht said.

In terms of how long it will take Robinson to change the Titans’ approach to personnel, Licht said, “It takes some time. It takes two years typically before you get it running the way you do, and with the position of personnel director, I knew we were gonna have some success once we drafted Jameis and with Jon’s background as well, hew as gonna go on and get his own general manager’s job. But I just wanted him to help me put everything into place the way I wanted to, the way we both had a shared vision before he left.”

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