Case for and against taking Jalen Ramsey

Case for and against taking Jalen Ramsey

In a gathering with fans at Nissan Stadium on Saturday, multiple media outlets reported that Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson said it would take “a king’s ransom” to pry the No. 1 overall pick away from him.

So presuming that ransom is not met by some quarterback-desperate NFL team, the Titans have several options at their disposal with the first overall pick.
One of those options is a local player, defensive back Jalen Ramsey, who played at Brentwood Academy before landing at Florida State. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Ramsey as the top overall pick for the Titans.

The case for Ramsey as the No. 1 overall pick

Ramsey has the size (6-1) and skills to play cornerback or safety for whatever team selects him. It has been a long time since the Titans have had a true shutdown cornerback who can take away half the field from an opponent’s passing game. Ramsey may have the coverage skills to be able to do that. The Titans have added cornerbacks in recent days, signing free agents Brice McCain and Antwon Blake to compete with holdovers Jason McCourty, Perrish Cox, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Cody Riggs and B.W. Webb. If the Titans were to decide that Ramsey should be a safety, then you would have to believe that defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau seems the same type of special qualities in the Florida State star as he had with Troy Polamalu with the Steelers – minus the hair, of course. That type of dominant player at the safety position is something the Titans have rarely had in their time in Tennessee.

The case against Ramsey as the No. 1 overall pick

Some say that you simply cannot draft a defensive back first overall. The last time a cornerback was chosen No.1 overall was in 1956, and safeties are almost never regarded as the best available player in the draft. Ramsey could be the true exception to this rule, but there are those who believe that still doesn’t make him worthy of No. 1 overall, simply because he isn’t a quarterback, a pass rusher or a pass protector. For years, hockey teams would rarely take a goalie first overall, even though in some ways it is the most important position on the ice. Robinson seems to show an ability to think outside the box, but would he pull the trigger on an unconventional position being the first overall choice in the draft.

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