Catching up with former Titans Peter Sirmon and Lorenzo Neal

Catching up with former Titans Peter Sirmon and Lorenzo Neal

I was fortunate enough today to guest host on 102.5 The Game’s Darren and Derrick Show with Darren McFarland filling in for former Titans receiver Derrick Mason.

Two of today’s guests on the station, which is a media partner of, were former Titans linebacker Peter Sirmon and former Titans fullback Lorenzo Neal.

Both have gone on to post-football success with Sirmon going into coaching and having recently been hired as defensive coordinator at Mississippi State.

Sirmon discussed the influence that a number of his own coaches, including former Titans coaches like Dave McGinnis, Gunther Cunningham and Jim Schwartz, have had on his coaching career. He also spoke about how he landed the job at Mississippi State and compared the SEC to the Pac-12, where he also has had extensive experience as both a player and an assistant coach.

You can hear Sirmon’s full interview here.

Neal, who now works in radio in the Bay Area, came on to discuss the San Francisco 49ers team preview, as he is now a part of the media following the team. Neal talked about Chip Kelly’s arrival in San Fran and also didn’t mince words in discussing the Niners’ quick fall from grace once Jim Harbaugh left the organization.

Also, Neal had a hilarious response when I asked him, regarding the Music City Miracle, if he at all felt like the forgotten man in the play, or that people overlook his contributions to it as opposed to Frank Wycheck’s throw and Kevin Dyson’s return

Photo by Icon Sportswire
Photo by Icon Sportswire


You can hear Lo’s answer here, as well as the remainder of his interview with us.

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