Deion Sanders apparently thinks Kevin Byard is a ‘fan’ in Twitter debate

Deion Sanders apparently thinks Kevin Byard is a ‘fan’ in Twitter debate

Tennessee Titans All-Pro safety Kevin Byard’s fantastic 2017 season apparently didn’t register with Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders, who now does commentary for the NFL Network.

It seems that Byard and Sanders got into a Twitter spat that has mushroomed into a big off-season story after Sanders claimed the newly signed Texans safety Tyrann Mathieu is the best safety in the NFL.

Byard questioned Sanders’ on his choice, asking about the safeties who were selected All-Pro.
Sanders then responded on the social media account by replying, “You’re looking at who writers tell u who’s the best I know who players and former players feel is the best. I rest my case. You continue to be a fan and i will continue being the man. #Truth”

Here is “Prime Time’s” tweet:

The “fan” comment apparently didn’t sit well with Byard, who led the NFL with eight interceptions and also had two fumble recoveries this past season as he led the league in takeaways.

Byard replied, “And if you didn’t know, I am a CURRENT player who watches a ton of film so trust me, I know who’s balling and who is not. Talking about be a fan”, which you can see in his response below

The debate raged on for those of you who want to dig it up and sift through the entire conversaton. Byard’s Twitter handle is @KB_31Era. Sanders’ is @DeionSanders.

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