DeMarco Murray plans to rest injured foot, play in Pro Bowl

DeMarco Murray plans to rest injured foot, play in Pro Bowl

Tennessee Titans running back DeMarco Murray plans to rest his injured right foot in the off-season, and would only have surgery to repair the torn plantar plate, if rest does not remedy the injury.

Murray sustained the injury on Oct. 27 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but made it through a full 16-game season and led the AFC in rushing with 1,287 yards this season.

“I made it out of here with no surgeries needed. It’s all rest,” Murray said “I’ll rest it and I’ll come back and we’ll determine what necessary steps we need to take with the training staff. But the best thing for it is just to rest, and we’ll reconvene when the time is appropriate.”

During the season, Murray was given Wednesday practices off to rest the toe up through the Titans’ bye week. After the bye and for the final four games of the season, Murray practiced fully without days off. He said he will simply rest the injury and is hoping to avoid having to have surgery to correct the problem.

“It’s all about rest and if it feels good after some time, I think we’ll skip the surgery,” Murray said. “But if not, I think that’s something that Todd (Toriscelli) and those guys will have to decide and we’ll come up with a game plan.”

Titans head coach Mike Mularkey said he had no knowledge of any possible surgery for the running back.

Before Murray embarks upon his off-season rest, however, he plans on taking part in the Pro Bowl as one of five Titans players chosen for the game scheduled for Jan. 29 in Orlando, Fla.

“I probably will. I think if you have an opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl (you should). I heard Peyton Manning say that if you have an opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl, it’s your right to do it,” Murray said. “It’s a privilege to play with all the other athletes. You’re voted in by all the other players and coaches. But I’ll probably play in the Pro Bowl just to have the respect for the game and this organization.”

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