June 02, 2020

Dennis Kelly not sure he will ever know exact illness diagnosis

Dennis Kelly not sure he will ever know exact illness diagnosis

Tennessee Titans backup offensive tackle Dennis Kelly said that tests performed on him to determine what the illness he sustained a month ago proved inconclusive.

Kelly, who returned to practice last week for the Titans, told TitanInsider that he might never know exactly what the illness was that has kept him from playing since week one.

“They’re inconclusive. They’re not going to find out. The odds of us finding out are very, very small,” Kelly said of determining the illness.

That said, doctors put Kelly on the medicine, and the offensive tackle said either that is working or it could be that the illness is finally past him now.

“I don’t know. We have some medicine that appears to be working. It could be done and the medicine might not be really needed, or the medicine could be working and I might still have to be dealing with it for a month or so,” Kelly said. “Right now we’ve got a good system working, and we’re just going to be sticking with that.”

Kelly has put back on most of the 15 pounds he lost from the illness. The sickness caused him to spend some time in the hospital during the week of the Titans’ win over Houston on Sept. 16. He said that while he was going through the worst of the illness, which was termed as some sort of virus, that he had no appetite and mostly slept during that period.

“I really didn’t want to eat. I just slept the first couple of days. There were a couple of different reasons why that was happening. Kind of being able to force myself to eat has been helpful in getting the weight back,” Kelly said.

Things are looking up for the Titans offensive tackle now. Though he did not suit up in Sunday’s loss at Buffalo, he was able to return to the practice field during the week, and he made the trip with his teammates for the game.

“At this point, we’re just trying to get everything back into the rhythm of the regular season and doing things in the regular manner. This is the first step to trying,” Kelly said.

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