Finally tasting postseason leaves Brian Orakpo hungry for more

Linebacker Brian Orakpo made sure in his Wednesday press conference to plug his cupcakes company, a joint venture with his former University of Texas and Titans teammate Michael Griffin.

While GiGi’s Cupcakes are mighty tasty, according to the Titans star linebacker, even they are not as sweet as what Orakpo finally experienced last January – reaching the postseason for the first time in his nine-year NFL career. Now, that little taste of playoff accomplishment has Orakpo craving more of the postseason with the Titans.

“Very motivating. Being one of the older guys, it’s crazy I never experienced a playoff game. It’s crazy,” Orakpo said.

Orakpo broke into the NFL as a first-round pick with the Washington Redskins in 2009, but in the Skins’ only postseason trip in his time there, prior to joining Tennessee in 2015, Orakpo was injured and unable to play.

When the Titans were playing at New England in the divisional round of the 2017 playoffs, the only comparison Orakpo could draw from the pre-game experience was that it reminded him of watching and playing the Madden Football video game.

“Funny story, I remember being in that game, the second (playoff) game actually playing the Patriots. I looked back and before the game started, I talked to Adoree’ (Jackson), and I’m like, ‘Adoree’, man, this is Madden. This looks just like Madden,’ you know, that you play all the time,” Orakpo said. “That’s what it was, it was all the fans, all the cameras, all the spotlights, all the flashes. That’s what it’s all about.”

A 35-14 loss to the eventual AFC champions spelled game over for the Titans last season. But it certainly has the veteran pass rusher wanting to get back there and get another chance to play in the playoffs.

“I’m kind of itching to get back, so yeah. It was just a fun experience, I can’t wait to hopefully put a lot of work in to get back to that point and see if we can advance even further,” Orakpo said.

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