Is ‘Trader Jon’ Robinson open for business in 2018 draft?

Is ‘Trader Jon’ Robinson open for business in 2018 draft?

Jon Robinson made sure not to give away much in the way of draft secrets at the Tennessee Titans pre-draft press conference on Monday.

But one thing Robinson did make sure to let others know – that, as usual, he is open for business regarding the Titans’ draft picks, especially considering he comes into the 2018 NFL Draft on Thursday night with just six picks for the weekend. The Titans’ seventh-rounder was sent to Kansas City last year in the deal to acquire defensive lineman David King.
Given that the Titans don’t pick until No. 25, it is really a wait-and-see scenario that is dependent upon how the draft board shakes out.

“We’ll see how it goes. There may be a scenario that comes up Thursday night where we bail on No. 25,” Robinson said. “It’s the value of the player that’s staring at you on the board versus the value of the picks you can get. Can you get that player you’re considering at 25 four picks later, or are you going to miss out on him? Or would you rather have another second or third-round pick.

“That’s stuff we’ll have to evaluate. I’m working on some of that now preliminarily, what it would take to dance around the board late.”

One other thing, besides recouping a draft choice in a scenario of a trade-down is that there might not be 32 players in this year’s draft with true first-round grades. Robinson made it sound Monday as if there is good value in the middle rounds of the draft, perhaps all the more reason to try and move off their first pick.

“There’s got to be 32 guys taken in the first round, whether they’ve got the quote, unquote first-round grade or not, that’s up to us 32 teams that are evaluating” Robinson said. “But I think there’s good value in those middle rounds, the second, third, fourth and even fifth rounds that are going to contribute to teams in this league.”

Conversely, with only six picks, it would probably take a special player having fallen through the cracks in the first round for the Titans to move up from their spot with a trade that could cost them even more picks.

“If there’s a player on the board that we really like, and we don’t think he’ll make it to us (maybe it could be considered). We only have six picks,” Robinson said. “We don’t want to give up too much in draft currency if we don’t have to. But that team may be, maybe their player is gone that they were going to take, and they’re willing to mortgage it for next to nothing.”

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