Jason McCourty trying not to worry about his future

Jason McCourty trying not to worry about his future

Cornerback Jason McCourty missed his second straight game with a shoulder and chest injury sustained on the first play of the game two weeks ago in Kansas City.

McCourty is under contract for one more season with the Tennessee Titans at $7 million, but with the squad possibly remaking the secondary in the off-season, there is some question as to what McCourty’s future in Tennessee might be.

McCourty said he is trying not to think about such things.

“Obviously you think about it in respect to whether you’re going to be here or not. But the one thing I try to live by is control the control-ables,” McCourty said. “Whether or not I’m here or not next year isn’t in my control. My mindset is I have another year left on my contract, and until someone tells me otherwise, I plan to be here.”

The veteran cornerback was asked about perhaps reducing his lofty base salary, and indicated that no one has said anything to him about it. The Titans have plenty of cap space, but a reduced salary could make McCourty more attractive for them to keep. He didn’t dismiss that out of hand.

“In the past, you see guys speak about pay cuts. My thing is why speak about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. In the event that that does happen, I’ll be happy to discuss it with them and move forward in that direction. But right now, no contract talks or anything of that nature has been discussed. It’s been all football,” McCourty said.

As for being inactive on Sunday to close the year, McCourty said he practiced in limited work on Thursday and Friday, but, “didn’t want to be the guy that goes out there in the first series and make a tackle and then the next thing you know, you can’t go and you’ve kind of wasted a spot.”

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