Kendall Wright welcomes ‘tough love’ from Terry Robiskie

Kendall Wright welcomes ‘tough love’ from Terry Robiskie

On at least a couple of occasions this season, Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie has taken some not-so-subtle jabs at receiver Kendall Wright.

When Wright finally returned to the lineup after missing seven weeks – including the first three regular-season games – Robiskie remarked that he didn’t know what kind of skill set Wright had because he had been out for so long.

In Sunday’s win over the Browns though, it was Wright who did the jabbing – piercing the Cleveland defense for eight catches and 133 yards, including a diving 48-yard touchdown reception.

When it was over, Wright was asked if that would be enough to get Robiskie off his back, the fifth-year receiver offered an interesting response.

“I don’t really want him to lay off me. I have a lot of room to get better with what I’m doing. The more he stays on me, the more I go out there and work at it, work to do everything better. He can stay on me all he wants. I’m cool with it,” Wright said.

Indeed, it was Robiskie taking extra time with Wright during the week that probably helped to ensure that the touchdown catch worked the way it was supposed to. When Wright ran the route in practice, Marcus Mariota’s throw landed beyond him by a foot or two. Robiskie explained to Wright in meetings the importance of finishing the route at a certain speed and with a certain precision.

“Up front, we blocked it very well. That was the biggest key. It’s a hard roll one way. I mean, if you watch the way it unfolded with the protection almost identical to what happened in practice where Marcus (Mariota) had to avoid and really good movement in the pocket, but really the route is designed for Kendall (Wright) to run as fast as he can and be careful how early he looks for the throw,” Titans coach Mike Mularkey explained. “It was later than practice. It was earlier than we still wanted, but when you’re running with your head turned, obviously you’re not running at full speed.

“Terry (Robiskie) was just trying to say, ‘Look, this is where the ball’s going to land when Marcus lets it go. This is the point let’s start looking for it, and it should match up to where you ought to catch it on the run.’ I’m glad we went through it. I sat in here with Terry and Kendall on Thursday, I think it was, and it was pretty much on the mark. We missed it by literally a foot or two in practice, but it was a good coaching point by Terry.”

For Wright, it had been a while since he had played a big part in a victory.

“It feels good. There are a lot of changes around here, but It feels good to win back to back games, but we got to get ready for the next one,” said Wright. “I mean there were a lot of welcome backs over there, but I haven’t really went anywhere. Whenever my number is called, I have to be read to make plays. They cheered me on today and had my back.”

Injury update

The Titans should be getting cornerback Cody Riggs (hamstring) and defensive tackle Al Woods (calf) back this week. Both have missed the past three game with their injuries.

Mularkey said tight end Anthony Fasano had his ankle rolled up on and will likely sit out Wednesday’s practice, though the injury is not considered serious.

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