August 15, 2020


Logan Ryan: Titans would not do one-year extension

Logan  Ryan: Titans would not do one-year extension

Free agent cornerback Logan Ryan, who closed the door on a return to Tennessee in a post last week, said in truth that door was closed by the Titans much earlier in free agency.

Ryan, who remains a free agent, played out a three-year, $30 million contract with the Titans in 2019, and said the club never really appeared interested in re-signing him – even to a one-year deal.

“It’s just a business. It is a real business. This time is a little different, because Tennessee never really offered me a contract. They never really talked extension and we never really talked in free agency. They never really tried to bring me back,” Ryan said in Jason and Devin McCourty’s Double Coverage podcast. “It was kind of the whole ‘We’ll monitor the market. You’re probably going to get too much and we probably can’t afford it. We’ve got a lot of players on this team.’ I understood it. I understood that completely. Derrick Henry deserves to get paid. And Ryan Tannehill deserves a contract. And we have like 20 free agents.’”

Ryan, 29, said he even offered to return to the Titans on a one-year deal at his same salary from 2019, realizing that free agency money for a long-term team had probably dried up after he didn’t sign a long-term deal.

“The multi-year options I was looking at didn’t feel right for my family and it didn’t feel right for me. When I approached Tennessee with a one-year option, I said, ‘Hey, I’m willing to come back and work with the team with a one-year deal, to earn the right for an extension or earn the right to go back into free agency next year. I just want my salary that I made last year,’” Ryan said. “I think anybody who plays really well in a contract year wants a raise. If you’re in a contract year, you want to get paid, right? I said, ‘Look I’ll come back for the same rate.’ I want to keep this thing going, but they weren’t really interested in that. That’s when I kind of knew this is a business. They’re going to do what the marketplace says and they’re going to do what’s best, in their opinion, for the team.”

Ryan said that he has several teams who have shown interest in him in free agency.

He is coming off one of the best years of his career. He had four interceptions, four forced fumbles and 113 tackles for the Titans in 2019. He also had a game-clinching interception of Tom Brady for a touchdown in the Titans’ wild-card playoff win in New England.

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