June 02, 2020

Marcus Mariota starring early in Titans training camp

The Titans have said all along they want to take advantage of Marcus Mariota’s running ability, so long as it doesn’t put him at a bigger risk for injury.

They showed off a taste of their quarterback’s mobility in Sunday’s training camp practice.

“It’s going to be the game plan,” Mularkey said. “We’re going to obviously take what the defense is going to give us when we’re playing against them. If we see something that’s not going to expose him that we have guys to block players – we’re not going to leave anybody unblocked for the plays we’re going to design. So there’s no set number of runs, but if we can – I mean you talk about a threat, a serious threat and a problem for defenses, it’s him running.”

Mariota showed off those talents in the first team drill Sunday with two consecutive runs, one of which was a bootleg where the quarterback juked the defender with a hesitation move and cruised past him into the open field.

“Was it that Deion Sanders’ step he did?” Mularkey asked. “I’m shocked he did that. I am, but you know, he’s having fun out here. I think he’s had two very good days. Obviously, that was a well-designed, well-executed play. He had some space to run. You see he didn’t run the net play. He cam out. He was supposed to be in there. So I’m glad he’s having a little fun. I’m glad to see he’s feeling as good as he is. Hopefully, we can keep him that way.”

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