Mayock believes Titans could take Tunsil, if they retain first overall pick

Mayock believes Titans could take Tunsil, if they retain first overall pick

Over the coming months, there will be no end to the speculation and questions about what the Tennessee Titans will do with the No. 1 overall pick.

Many draft experts will weigh in on what direction the Titans should go with the pick, in the event they are unable to trade it for a package of draft choices.

Mike Mayock, draft analyst for NFL Network, believes the Titans would do well to choose Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil with the first pick.

“I think very much he’s a fit for the Titans especially since you get better at two positions,” Mayock said Tuesday in a conference call with the media before the NFL Combine which begins Wednesday.

Of course, the Titans already have a left tackle in Taylor Lewan, chosen in the first round two years ago. But Mayock, says drafting Tunsil would solve another issue – right tackle – by having Lewan shift over there.

“Tunsil will be your left tackle. You kick, Taylor Lewan over to right tackle, and I think you have to do everything you can to support the quarterback you chose last year, (Marcus) Mariota,” Mayock said.

The Titans are open to trading down to pick up extra draft choices, and if they do, Mayock said they can still find a quality player a little later in the first round.

“To me, I think they’d love to move down a couple slots, and if Tunsil wasn’t there, I don’t think that the difference between Tunsil and Ronnie Stanley is all that great. So if they were able to move down four, five, six slots and still get a tackle, I think the same process would hold.

“Beyond that, does Joey Bosa make sense? Sure. Does DeForest Buckner make sense? Yeah. Does Jalen Ramsey? Yeah, but I really believe you’ve got to support the quarterback since he’s going to be your franchise guy,” Mayock said.

The biggest question in that scenario, however, is whether or not the Titans can find a trading partner. And that will depend upon some team falling in love with a quarterback and willing to jump the Cleveland Browns at No. 2 to get their man.

“I think with all the good news at the quarterback position as far as – when I say ‘good news,’ all of a sudden, people are buying into Carson Wentz. Goff might go No.2. If Goff goes two and somebody likes him, would they jump up to 1? So I think there’s a little bit more buzz on those top two quarterbacks,” Mayock said.

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