Mularkey tells Lewan losing composure won’t be tolerated

Mularkey tells Lewan losing composure won’t be tolerated

Taylor Lewan continues to do a solid job as part of the Tennessee Titans offensive line.

The Titans had 235 yards rushing on Sunday and Marcus Mariota was not sacked at all in the 30-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

But Lewan did not escape unblemished. In the second half, Lewan was in a near skirmish in the pile and had to be pulled back by teammates to prevent him from drawing a penalty. But later on the same drive, Lewan, apparently still emotional, was whistled for two penalties – a holding call and a hands to the face that essentially killed off the drive.

Titans coach Mike Mularkey put Lewan on notice after the game, regarding keeping his emotions in check on the field.

“Those are things he’s got to quit doing. It didn’t hurt us today, but it’s not going to be tolerated. He knows that and he’s got to quit doing that,” Mularkey said. “I didn’t see the hands to the face, I don’t know if it was purposely done because of the holding call. I don’t know all of that but he’s got to watch his temper.”

Lewan had a costly unnecessary roughness call against the Oakland Raiders that helped cost the Titans that game. Mularkey said any further issues could cause Lewan to be taken out of the game.

“I’ll take him out of the game,” Mularkey said.

That would be a strong statement if it came to fruition, because outside of the penalties, Lewan has been playing well, even being rated the top offensive tackle in the NFL by Pro Football Focus through four games.

Mularkey said offensive line coach Russ Grimm managed to calm Lewan down.

“We had a conversation, actually Russ did, just calm him down a little bit,” Mularkey said. “He’s such a competitor, I’m not going to take the competitive, he’s tough. He’s having a Pro Bowl year. There’s times that he has to tone it down a bit because it’s going to hurt us.”

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