June 02, 2020

Rashaan Evans tries to clarify deleted tweet

Rashaan Evans tries to clarify deleted tweet

A deleted tweet by Tennessee Titans rookie linebacker Rashaan Evans after Sunday’s 13-12 loss at Buffalo wound up being a talking point both by Evans and his coach Mike Vrabel on Monday.
Evans, Tennessee’s first-round pick who has started at inside linebacker the past few games, said in a response on Twitter on Sunday that inside linebacker was not even his primary position. He apparently was referring to having played some outside linebacker in college at Alabama before shifting inside last season for the Crimson Tide.
“ILB not even my primary position but keep the negative comments coming_I actually enjoy them!” Evans tweet read before it was deleted.
Evans addressed the situation with reporters during open locker room on Monday, and said his point was that he was only trying to say that he is a versatile player.
“I don’t regret it at all. The whole point about that was people were labeling me as an inside linebacker and I was actually like ‘I can pass rush, too,’” Evans said. “That was whole point of them trading up to get me was the fact that I was versatile and able to do so many things. I just wanted to kind of reiterate that. “
Vrabel said he had a conversation with Evans, and that he would talk to him further about saying even keeled, including on social media.
“You know what, I had a conversation with him. I appreciate your fan base and you pointing that out so that I can mention it to him and talk to him about it, talk to him about – you can’t have it both ways,” Vrabel said. “One week, when you win, you can’t be involved in social media, then when you lose, you can’t be another way. We’re just trying to stay consistent. I’m trying to stay consistent with my approach to leading this team.
“We’ll talk to him. I’ll have a conversation with him. I talked with him last night. There’s frustration when you lose, and we can all learn from it. We can be better from it. But again, I’m telling you, I coach him hard. He’s got a great attitude. He’s going to continue to improve. But the message is that we stay consistent. We can’t have it both ways because this league will chew you up and spit you out if you have a bunch of ups and downs with your attitude.”

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