August 09, 2020


Rishard Matthews wants more creative, less predictable offense

Rishard Matthews wants more creative, less predictable offense

Monday wrap-up

Rishard Matthews is never one to hold back his feelings, and after Sunday’s loss in San Francisco, he said that the Tennessee Titans need to use their no-huddle offense more, telling ESPN that he feels comfortable with Marcus Mariota assessing the defense at the line of scrimmage than the Titans’ normal play calls sent in from the sideline.

On Monday, Matthews doubled down on that thought regarding the Titans needing to be more creative on offense.

When asked if the Titans were sometimes too predictable on offense, Matthews said, “Yeah, I believe so.”

Matthews discussed why he likes the Titans offense operating out of the no-huddle as more than just an occasional change of pace.

“I feel more comfortable with Marcus calling the shots. That’s just what it is right now,” Matthews said “Because anything goes. Marcus is back there reading the defense, you don’t know what he’s going to call, and it’s shown over the time that when he’s doing that we’ve move the ball pretty well and done it pretty easy. And I like doing it.”

After finding a spark with the two-minute offense on a touchdown drive just before halftime, the Titans employed the no-huddle for much of the rest of the day.

“It depends on your personnel. I think we have the guys to do it and we can do it whenever we want. It just depends on the personnel,” Matthew said.

When asked if he thought the Titans, who now find themselves at 8-6 and clinging to a playoff berth, would employ the no-huddle more after seeing success with it, he said, “I don’t know. I don’t call the shots I just do what they ask me to do.”

Matthews added that the Titans simply have to be more creative and try to exploit potential mismatches.

“We’re there. We’ve just got to have some more creativity, study going in to set up matchups week to week. We can’t be repetitive and doing the same thing over and over,” Matthews said. “The guys on the other side get paid too. We’ve just got to do a better job of creating matchups. That’s all it is.”

Not surprisingly, Titans coach Mike Mularkey was quizzed about the no-huddle and its success on Sunday in a 25-23 loss in San Francisco. He said there is a no-huddle package run in practice every week and ready for the game plan, but it has not been as effective as it was Sunday.

“We’ll know more once we get an idea how we want to attack their scheme. That’s every week, we talk about it every week. It’s in our discussions, we practice it, we run it,” Mularkey said. “We had run it this year, but it has not been effective when we’ve ran it so we got out of it and got back into play calling. It just depends on who we’re playing and the defensive scheme and if we feel like it’s a good way to attack, it’ll be in.”

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