August 15, 2020


Robinson, Titans always open for business as draft approaches

Robinson, Titans always open for business as draft approaches

Titans general manager Jon Robinson and Coach Mike Vrabel were careful not to give away any secrets in meeting with the media to discuss the NFL Draft, which will take place right in their own backyard beginning Thursday in Music City.
While the Titans organization will make players available at certain events as they roll out the red carpet for the entire NFL, Robinson, Vrabel and the front office staff, scouts and coaches will be holed way inside Saint Thomas Sports Park, ready to add to the team’s roster.
And at Monday’s pre-draft meeting with the media, Robinson let people know that he is – as always – open for business.
“I’d love to have more draft picks. We’ll see how that goes,” Robinson said.
The Titans have six picks heading into the draft, having packaged their seventh-rounder (plus a fourth next year) to acquire veteran quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
Last year, the Titans wound up with just four picks, moving up in round one for linebacker Rashaan Evans and moving up again in the second round for edge rusher Harold Landry.
“I thought last year, we made some decisions to put ourselves in position to get those guys we ended up with. You just kind of see how it unfolds on draft night and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and the value of a player versus the value of a potential trade,” Robinson said.
So that means that the Titans are open to moving from No. 19 either up or down if it makes sense to do so.
“I think we’ve shown a willingness to move around in the draft and try to do what we think is best for the team. We’re not set in stone that we’re going to do it this certain way,” Robinson said. “It’s much like a coach calling a game or a player within the game, sometimes you’ve got to audible. Do you like this call? Sometimes, I’m going to change this call and I’m going to do this, and kind of get into the flow of the game. We kind of do that with player acquisition whether it be free agency or the draft. You’re not set in stone.”
Robinson could move down and collect additional draft capital especially if there is a pool of players with similar grades when their turn comes around.
“A lot of times, you’ve got maybe a couple of guys that you’re honed in on, and I think the pool of players kind of comes into play when you’re talking about moving, if you slide up or slide back. Certainly, if you’re sliding up, it’s for one player who is there. If you’re sliding back, you’re talking about a pot of players that you would be comfortable taking and you’re evaluating that extra draft currency that you’re getting versus staying at 19 because you think that if you slide back seven, eight or nine spots, he won’t be there.”
And so the chess game begins for Robinson as he moves around the board trying to evaluate all options that could crop up this weekend.

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