Strunk should have made NFL meetings a priority

Here is something that was swept under the rug a little bit by the national media this week.

A report from ESPN said that Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk did not attend the owners meetings this week, instead leaving team president Steve Underwood to represent the club.

That’s all well and good, as part of Underwood’s responsibilities as president include acting in Strunk’s stead on occasion.

But this one, I’m afraid, is a little different. Earlier reports had indicated that both Underwood and Strunk were scheduled to attend the meetings that were centered around the relocation of the Rams, Chargers or Raiders to Los Angeles.

Why is it different? Surely, Strunk told Underwood which side to come down on in this matter. No, reason this is completely different is that the meetings were held in Houston – where Strunk lives. So you mean to tell me that while other owners are flying in from thousands of miles away, she couldn’t have made it to the meetings that were essentially in her backyard. Did her chauffeur have the day off? Could she not have called Uber to pick her up? Or maybe ridden one of her prized horses?

Seriously, what gives?

The statement given by the Titans said that Strunk was busy working on the team’s general manager and coaching situations. But wasn’t Underwood a part of the hiring committee too? And there were no reported interviews that took place on either front on Tuesday or Wednesday.

There are already reports out that the NFL is not happy with the Titans ownership situation, and according to sources, all those reports of the franchise being sold that Underwood is always quick to deny emanate from the fact that the league does not like Tennessee’s ownership structure.

The league would prefer that one family member have controlling interest in the team to prevent any more coups like the one that swept her into power when the rest of the family decided that Tommy Smith’s services as team president were no longer needed.


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If Amy Adams Strunk wants to let the NFL know that the Titans ownership situation is solid and does not require any league intervention or even a lawsuit, then perhaps it would have been wise for her to be seen at the league meetings in her hometown to assure Roger Goodell and the owners and representatives of the other 31 clubs that she is ready, willing and able to fulfill her duties of overseeing the Titans and also helping tend to important league business.

With her decision to ignore the most important affair on the league’s docket this off-season, she is simply strengthening the likely perception held by the league that Titans ownership is in need of repair.

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