Titans glad to have Andre Johnson on their side

Titans glad to have Andre Johnson on their side

In making the play-by-play call on Andre Johnson’s game-winning touchdown catch in Sunday’s win, Titans announcer Mike Keith talked about how good it was to be on the “same side as Andre Johnson.”

For years, Johnson taunted the Titans secondary by making big plays for the rival Houston Texans. But in Sunday’s 16-15 comeback win, there was Johnson in a Titans uniform hauling in a 9-yard TD pass from Marcus Mariota on fourth down with 1:13 to play.

Johnson joined the Titans just before training camp, after a 41-catch season for the Indianapolis Colts in 2015. But after Sunday’s clutch catch, the Titans are glad the 35-year-old veteran is on their side now, making those sorts of plays for them, not against them anymore.

“It was actually kind of funny after the game, because I had so many people that work here and some of my teammates and they were like, ‘We’re glad you’re not doing it to us anymore.’ It was kind of funny, just hearing that,” Johnson said. “But at the end of the day, I’m a Titan now, and here to go out and try to make plays like that to win a game. That’s what I’m here to do.”

Cornerback Jason McCourty was one of those Titans who was grateful that Johnson is now a teammate.

“I said that to him as soon as I got to the sidelines,” McCourty said.

McCourty also revealed what safety Daimion Stafford, one of the Titans most prolific trash talkers, said of Johnson being on the team.

“Staff said, ‘I got so used to seeing you do that on J-Mac, it’s nice to see you doing it to the other team.’ So there were a few jokes here and there,” McCourty said.

Mariota threaded the needle perfectly between two Lions defenders, and Johnson allowed the ball to get in on his body, rather than trying to just catch it with his hands. That helped him hang onto the football, because Lions linebacker Tahir Whitehead had hold of his arm and probably could have ripped the ball free, otherwise.

“I feel like it was locked down. Once I felt like it got into my body, I just wrapped it up. I think if I went after that catch with my hands, I probably wouldn’t have caught it, after seeing. The linebacker already had his hands trying to rip my arms off before the ball ever got to me. But I knew if it got to my body, I’d be able to catch it,” Johnson said.

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