August 11, 2020


Titans have been in contact with Clowney’s agent

Titans have been in contact with Clowney’s agent

Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson confirmed Wednesday that he has been in touch with agent Bus Cook regarding free agent pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney.
Robinson stated in a conference call with reporters that the Titans have also spoken to Titans free agent cornerback Logan Ryan about a possible return, though he added that nothing was imminent on that front.
“I have talked to Logan (Ryan)’s representation there, I would say there’s nothing imminent in the works. We have touched base with (Jadeveon) Clowney’s representation too, and just kind of seeing and trying to navigate where that one might be,” Robinson said.
Clowney is the one big free agent prize still remaining on the free agent market, especially in terms of pass rush. But there have been reports that his asking price may be in the range of $20 million per season. Additionally, Clowney, who spent last season with the Seattle Seahawks after being acquired by the Houston Texans, had sports hernia surgery, and any team – save perhaps the Seahawks – who signed him would want to make sure he has a clean bill of health from that procedure. The current shutdown because of the coronavirus pandemic has made bringing players in for physicals an impossibility for the time being.
Robinson said that in discussing medical issues about free agents currently that the only recourse is to “just through talking through with the agent. As far as for actually getting a medical report on the player, you’re not going to have a medical report on the player until he sees your team doctors. So yeah, but I would say that there’s nothing more important than the health of the players. Their ability to go out and play for 16 games is important, or at least the games they are healthy enough to play in that they’re impactful. That’s definitely an important part of the decision when you’re looking to sign somebody.”
Clowney played for Titans head coach Mike Vrabel when both were in Houston, as Vrabel served as Clowney’s position coach and as his defensive coordinator.
Vrabel said Clowney showed good effort and was versatile in the time he coached him, despite some injuries.
“When I coached J.D., J.D. was prepared. We did a lot with him. He had a lot of injuries one year. We put him in a lot of different places, and he helped us affect the game, and then he played extremely hard. I’m not sure if he missed any games that year, but we asked him to do a lot and he did a lot for us. I never had any issues with J.D.’s effort,” Vrabel said.

Henry update

Robinson also talked about the possibility of reaching a long-term deal with franchised running back Derrick Henry before training camp begins.
“At the end of the day we couldn’t come to an agreement on that one, and so we used one of the avenues to keep Derrick, because Derrick is an important part of our football team,” Robinson said. “I’ve spoken to his representatives after we used the tag. We want to continue to have those discussions, and those back-and-forths, in hopes of reaching some type of long-term agreement. We’ll kick those conversations off again here certainly before training camp gets ramped up and going.”

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