Titans’ Mularkey: I had no problem with Douglas’ block

Titans’ Mularkey: I had no problem with Douglas’ block

Tennessee Titans coach Mike Mularkey said Monday, he had no issue with wide receiver Harry Douglas’ cut block on Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris that one-play later triggered a fight between Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib and Douglas.

“It was legal. I’ve been with Harry for six years. Harry cuts just about every game. I had no problem with it,” Mularkey said.

Mularkey explained what the Titans teach on the cut block.

“We teach them to aim for the thigh, so if you aim at the thigh, you’re probably going to hit the knee. If you aim at the knee, you’re probably going to whiff and end up down around the ankles,” Mularkey said. “We aim at the thigh to get to the knee, just like they do when they saw tackle.”

Douglas defended his actions in the locker room Sunday after the game, saying that the Broncos should watch film of how he plays in order to know that the cut block is a part of his repertoire.

“I was just playing football. If you watch film, and we do in the NFL, but they must not have because they would have known I cut block in the run game. That’s what I do,” Douglas said.

“I went to block him (Chris Harris Jr.) and we were looking at each other and I cut him,” Douglas said Sunday. “There was nothing dirty about it. Watch the film, that’s my job.”

The Broncos, not surprisingly, took issue with the low block, with Talib calling it a “dirty play by a sorry player” among other things.

Harris said after the game that he thought Douglas should be fined and that the Titans receiver was trying to end his career.

“That was so illegal. I have never had a player try to end my career like that. That was dirty and he should be fined. That’s not football,” Harris said. “He tried to take me out for the game and tried to end my career, that’s not football.”

As for the fight that took place on the Titans sideline, Mularkey said, “I was pleased with how our team responded.”

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