June 05, 2020

Titans select LSU’s Kristian Fulton in second round

Titans select LSU’s Kristian Fulton in second round

After passing on a cornerback in round one, Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson’s gamble paid off as he selected LSU’s Kristian Fulton in the second round with the 61st overall choice.

Titans general manager Jon Robinson stated that the club was happy to see him still on the board at the tail end of the second round.

“Fulton was a player that we had pretty highly rated, and we were fortunate that he was still there when we were on the clock. There were a couple of guys we were looking at at that position as the second round kind of ticked down, but Fulton was a really good player that we’re excited to have,” Robinson said.

He likely will join veteran Malcolm Butler and fourth-year pro Adoree’ Jackson as the Titans top three cornerbacks, as the team spends a lot of snaps in the nickel package. Fulton played in the slot during his freshman season at LSU and in certain packages for the Titans during their national championship season in 2019.

“He did it as a freshman, and depending upon the formation, you could see him play it there a little bit this year. He’s got good quickness. He’s got good awareness and instincts in there. He’s got some patience. He’s got some toughness to him. He will tackle, which is important for that position,” Robinson said.

Fulton said playing in the slot was one of the first things the Titans asked him about when they interviewed him at the NFL Combine.

“That was one of the first questions they asked me was, ‘Was I comfortable playing inside and how did I feel about playing inside?” Fulton said. “I told them my freshman year at LSU, that was my main position. …I’m definitely excited to play inside if that’s where they want to put me at.”

Fulton is likely the replacement for Logan Ryan, who is a free agent after three years in Tennessee and still remains on the open market after a strong year with the Titans in 2019.

Fulton does not come without baggage, however, as he received a two-year suspension while at LSU for trying to fake a drug test. That suspension was later reduced to one season.

Fulton said he learned from the setback.

“They wanted my perspective on the situation, and I was comfortable explaining that situation to them. I was young and I made a mistake and I wanted them to understand that I learned from that mistake,” Fulton said. “I learned to hold myself accountable.”

Robinson said the Titans did their homework to make sure there were no major issues with Fulton.

“It’s no different than other player that had something in college. You talk to the player about it and understand the situation,” Robinson said. “I talked to sources at LSU who spoke highly of the player. I know a guy who is on the staff at LSU that coached him in high school who spoke highly of his character. He sent me a text tonight that said, ‘You’ve got a great player, but you’ve got an even better person.’ I trust our scouts to get all the information and background on these players when we talk to them.”

Coach Mike Vrabel echoed that, saying, “It’s always the same for me. I think there’s two types of people. There’s bad people and good people that make mistakes. I think we’re all positive that Kristian is a good person that made a mistake, and I feel strongly about his character.”

Fulton, 6-0, 197, was one of the top high school prospects in the nation when he signed with LSU and was a key member of the Tigers’ 2019 national championship team. As a senior this past season, Fulton had 38 tackles, one interception and had 14 passes defensed.

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