August 09, 2020


Titans’ Taylor Lewan vows to work on penalty issues

Titans’ Taylor Lewan vows to work on penalty issues

They say the first step toward correcting a problem is realizing there is a problem.

And for Taylor Lewan, his mission remains trying to clean up the penalties that have plagued him throughout his three-year NFL career.

Lewan had a holding penalty (which was declined) and a false start penalty in the season-opening loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Those flags continued a trend that has dogged the 2014 first-round pick ever since he came into the league.

Lewan had 10 penalties (seven of which were accepted) called on him last year and had six penalties in his rookie season, one in which he played in 11 games with six starts.

“It’s been a consistent theme of my career in football, whether it’s college or the NFL, and I’m just as sick and tired of it as everybody else. It’s not something I mean to do,” he said.

After Sunday’s game, Lewan even took to his Twitter account to apologize to fans for his two infractions in the loss.

“It’s something I need to work and being quote, unquote, a man, is about taking responsibilities for your actions and realizing that there’s consequences for your actions,” he said of the Twitter apology.

Part of the question about Lewan is could be a target of officials because he has had penalty issues in the past. Titans coach Mike Mularkey, however, indicated that was unlikely.

“It don’t think so. I mean some of them, the false starts, it’s just evident that he’s early. The holding call was a legitimate holding call. He’s got to fix those things,” Mularkey said. “He’s probably the highest penalized guy since I’ve been the head coach over there on the left side. Maybe less than when he started, but I think he still has to correct those things.”

Lewan didn’t agree with the thought process of being targeted either, simply staying with his opinion that he is ultimately responsible for his deeds on the field.

“It could go either way, but I’m not here to complain about what could be called or not be called. I jumped offsides,” he said. “If I were to say I’m not getting calls, that would just take away from me being responsible for my actions. Regardless if they could go a certain way or not, I need to be responsible for my actions.”

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