August 13, 2020


‘Trader Jon’ Robinson ready for Titans draft frenzy

‘Trader Jon’ Robinson ready for Titans draft frenzy

Jon Robinson has already shown he is more than willing to make a deal.

And “Trader Jon” might not be finished dealing come draft day.

Robinson was asked at the Tennessee Titans pre-draft press conference Tuesday if moving back to 15 overall from the trade with the Los Angeles Rams still gives the club a shot at getting an elite type talent. For instance, if Robinson really does want a tackle in the first round, is Jack Conklin or Taylor Decker close enough to Laremy Tunsil or Ronnie Stanley in ability and potential to stay put? Or will he have to reach into the coffers and trade back up to find the right player?

“I think the draft is fairly deep. I think we’re gonna be able to get a good player in the first round, but not only in the first round, but in the second and third round as well,” Robinson said. “That’s kind of what played into our decision to move out of the first overall pick.”

What Robinson got in in return, of course, was a haul of picks with which to replenish the Titans roster. The Titans now have three second-round picks and two more in the third round, giving them six among the first 76 choices in the draft.

Robinson admits he has enough ammo to move back up to secure a special player he might covet, but he doesn’t sound certain that he wants to part with his draft choices.

“I think we’ll take every scenario and every player on a case-by-case basis. How much is that going to cost the currency we were able to accumulate with the trade, if we were to move back up, I think you have to evaluate that on an individual basis,” Robinson said.

Trying intentionally to be as vague as possible, of course, Robinson was asked how much of his draft “currency” he would like to keep and replied, “All of it.” He then added, “There is a cost of doing business and again we would like to maximize the value on any move we make, whether it’s move up or move back in any of the rounds. …I think you just have to take it on a case-by-case basis.”

Robinson admits he is excited to have so many picks in rounds two and three, meaning that he essentially will control day two of the draft with those five picks. The three second-rounders are clustered close together at No. 33, 43 and 45, meaning as the second day of the draft begins, the Titans will have a group of players they want to come out of the round with.

“You try to get a gauge of the teams around you and will that player – do you have to pick him at 33 or is there the likelihood he would slip to 43,” he said. “Can we take this guy and still get this guy? There is a lot of methodical thinking. You’ve got to monitor the action. Are teams moving? Should we move? There’s a lot that goes into the process. You want to have that pool of players to pick from.”

Thus far, Robinson’s wheeling and dealing have made the Titans interesting again. That interest picks ratchets up to another level beginning Thursday night.

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