May 30, 2020

Vrabel gives struggling Malcolm Butler a vote of confidence

Vrabel gives struggling Malcolm Butler a vote of confidence

Despite his continued struggles, which were magnified by the spotlight of Monday Night Football, Malcolm Butler continues to have a vote of confidence from head coach Mike Vrabel.
Butler, who signed a five-year, $61 million contract in the off-season with the Tennessee Titans, was moved out of the base package a couple of weeks ago in favor of last year’s starters, Logan Ryan and Adoree’ Jackson.
But with the Titans in nickel so often, Butler has continued to get his share of snaps, and on Monday night was burned by the Dallas Cowboys, who got both of their touchdowns at his expense.
A first-quarter TD pass to Amari Cooper came after Butler lost him when Cooper curled back to the outside. Later just before halftime, Butler was beaten by Allen Hurns for a touchdown that tied the game.
Vrabel said he is not ready to give the high-priced Butler’s role to third-year cornerback LeShaun Sims.
“I don’t think he’s as good as Malcolm (Butler), and the way he practices, and where I see him going. We’ll continue to evaluate that like we do all the positions on the roster. But, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case, not right now,” Vrabel said. “I think that if he had to go in, when Simsy (LeShaun Sims) has gone in for us, he’s done some good things, and there’s some things that he needs to continue to work on and practice. We like where (LeShaun) Sims is at, and we want him to continue to develop and be a leader on our special teams, and be able to help out at corner.”
Vrabel said that Butler’s isues deal a lot with his technique, especially when he has been in man coverage.
“When you play man coverage, you have to look at your man. Malcolm (Butler) knows that, and we’ve talked about that, and we continue to practice it, we continue to coach it and we try to show it to him” Vrabel said. “When he does that, it’s pretty good, it’s competitive. He challenges the receivers. When you look back at the quarterback, your man has a tendency to go in another direction.”
Butler certainly should be motivated this week as his former team, the New England Patriots, come to town. Butler’s exit from New England came after a Super Bowl benching that Coach Bill Belichick never bothered to explain.
In terms of coaching a struggling player, Vrabel said you have to handle different guys different ways.
“I think you try to reach players in all different ways. I think that’s the really unique thing that, maybe, some of my coaches that I’ve had in the past may treat me one way, may treat another player differently,” he said. “Romeo Crenel was a guy that did that. Bill (Belichick) was a guy that did that, that I played for. John Mitchell, or whoever that may be, throughout my course of my career – you’re always trying to find ways to reach players. It’s always usually different for each guy.”

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